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Enhance Core Muscle Use

A great benefit that comes with sandbag training is the increase in utilization of the core muscles. 

Lifting and carrying sandbags will do an outstanding job of strengthening the torso and hips, which can facilitate greater force transfer through the body in other lifts.

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Real World Functional Carryover

Outside of supporting core strength, picking up a sandbag can have real world applicability, as it is an awkward form of resistance. It will not sit in the most effective lever like a regular barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell. Using the cobra fitness kettlebells/dumbbells sandbags can help you learn to brace and stabilize when lifting and moving odd objects, which will transfer into daily life where most things lifted are not advantageous to lifting.

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Dynamic Resistance

The use of Cobra Fiitness sandbags as a training modality can have a plethora of improvements on your training. 

One major training benefit when utilizing sandbags is battling the sand that shifts throughout the movement. This is known as dynamic resistance, and it facilitates our ability to stabilize and hold the odd object in place throughout various movement planes.

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